Since the band’s formation this name has been is a byword  for stalwart, earthy Blues & Rock from Münster. Even though the band’s line up has often changed since its formation 14 years ago The Prymates have remained faithful to their roots.

The band’s sound is characterised by the striking voice of the English frontman, Gordon Smith and is complimented by the bluesy guitar sound of Pattex and the pulsating rhythm section, comprising of Mr. Jones on bass guitar and Jay on drums.

The Prymates have regarded themselves scince the beginning as a live band. The were able to convince a broad audience on the Euro-City Fest 2003 and 2004 in Münster/Germany. But especially in Bars or smaller clubs The Prymates feel like home. At these concerts the band's enthusiasm is being spread losslessly under the audience. The Prymates play their own songs mixed with a fine selection of classics which the four protagonists make their mark on.

And this Prymates thing goes a little something like this!

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