GordonGordon Vocals,
Blues Harp
The charming Brit is one of the band’s founding members and The Prymates' front man. He writes the lyrics and lots of The Prymates' songs.

Backing Vocals

Van Pattex’s guitar sound  provides the foundation for the Prymates’ orginal, raw sound. The Emslander's fingers pelt accurately and  expressively across the frettboard and rocks the audience. Together with Mr. Jones, his vocals supplies the fitting harmony at the right time.

Mr. JonesMr. Jones Bass,
Backing Vocals
Mr. Jones’ bass played with force and precission creates a deep foundation. Together with Pattex, the backing vocals are complete.
EnzoJay Drums Played tight and right in time - that aptly describes the drum set under Jay. The second original founding member of The Prymates provides, via the funky roots, for diversity in the band’s rhythm section.