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17.01.2012 Report on: The Concert in Alter Ego, January 14th 2012

Dear Prymates' fans and accidentially listeners,

it was a real pleasure! Rieght after getting into it, we got news that our concert had to end at 10 pm.! So we gave our best and made our drummer play as fast as he could to serve you as many songs possible... and then it was suddenly over.
The whole place was crowded and you seemed to have a really good time so we would have liked to play longer. Therefore it was a short pleasure.

We hope to see many of you again at Febuary 3rd in Café Sputnik. By then you can buy our new CD! Take a look at the flyer:

08.01.2012 CD-Release-Party with LIVE concert on February the 3rd

Finally it's done! After a long period of production our new album is being manufactured at last. We are really happy because we already know how it sounds. And it sounds gorgeous! The whole rhythmsection was recorded live. That effects an authentic character in every song.
The CD's release is to be celebrated properly. Therefore we have rent Café Sputnik on February the 3rd. We'll open the doors at 7:30 pm. and look forward to seeing Beni Feldmann (Homepage) live on stage. The songwriter inaugurates the evening with acoustic songs. After that we'll present to you the album's contense live on stage and some more songs. The fee is 6 euros and gives you additionally free entrance to the following parties.
By the way, the disc goes by the name "40 Years Too Late...". The cover was painted by Bernd Schnieders. Thanks a lot! Also we'd like to thank Arne and Guido for producing the album. Cover and tracklist are to be found in the dicography section.
We hope to see a lot of you in the audience! So go, tell it on the mountains...

27.10.2011 Upcoming concerts / Site in english

Friday, 02. Dec. 2011, The Prymates are going to play live at the Flamingo in Münster (Gievenbeck).
Also we're planning a gig in the Alter Ego right now. Will take place in January 2012.

Also by today our site is gonna be avalible in English!
As long as Gordon ain't our webmaster, foreign writer's mistakes are hopefully to be excused by our English fancommunity.

01.09.2011 New videos, new pictures

Following our last concert the internet TV broadcaster VOIS.TV produced a very nice report, which can be viewed on their homepage (
Apart from this our music has found its way into Münster’s Polytechnic. The Electrotechnical Engineering Department has used two of our songs in their new documentary film. This film can be viewed in our multimedia section.

24.08.2011 Date for voice recordings

On September the 10th Gordon will be recording the singing part of our new Record. All the other instruments are already recorded. Quality's gonne be gorgeous! Here you soon!

24.08.2011 New Homepage online

Reading this proofs the accessability of our new homepage! Look around and enjoy The Prymates in the www!